Idearun was founded in 2013. It was the result of a collaboration between three partners with a goal of providing best solutions that would make your ideas happen.

We're a super active and motivated team of specialists, chosen for our particular expertise, and the chemistry we create together.

We are all about what is the best approach, there is no key to success, we'll work with you to create your own unique path to success. We also help you by connecting you with the right people in your projects. On the other hand, we help investors to find the best projects and connect them with best teams and ideas.

We are proud to say that 3% of our total profits goes directly to various charity programs. Idearun is also a green company, more than 90% of all of our operations are fully paperless. We simply love trees.

Our team

Our team values real teamwork & experience more than anything else. We work collaboratively with each other, we share ideas and brainstorm a lot to be more creative & efficient. Every member of idearun family is a top professional in their field of expertise.